Working for Control Data CorporationSilicon Graphics, Inc.AtosOrigin and GTSI as a technical consultant, marketing manager, program manager, then director, she successfully lead teams and managed projects in many countries before beginning her consulting and coaching career.

Jan Irene believes that honoring personal, cultural, and natural diversity fosters creativity and strengthens adaptability. She is committed to a sustainable planet and currently owns and manages the restoration and conservation of a 217-acre woodland on the North Santiam River in Oregon with her husband Jim. 

Jan Irene and Jim

Jan Irene and Jim

Growing up in a large Midwestern farm family, she learned the importance of conserving natural resources and respecting the earth and its inhabitants. She believes that as the world's population booms, conservation grows as an important practice in which public policy and a small number of people can make the largest difference towards a healthy planet and healthy communities.

Volunteer work has been a consistent part of her life and in December 2009 she received the AAFSW Secretary of State Award for volunteer work abroad as a member of “La Comisión de Transporte, Cámara de Comercio, Industrias y Agricultura de Panamá”. This Commission worked to elevate urban transportation on the country agenda as part of the Panama Presidential elections of May 2009. In May 2013 she initiated and completed an infrastructure development project in Nsongwe Village, Zambia.

A modern dancer and choreographer in college and young adulthood, Jan Irene explored her unique creative expression through the body and learned the power of practice to embody competency. As a somatic coach she helps others to develop the body of a leader.

As an artist, her abstract paintings have been likened to Wassily Kandinsky and her art is a practice of presencing harmony in the face of chaos. Jan Irene likens the bare canvas to the unknown the leader faces when she makes big declarations to shape the future. Abstract painting allows Jan Irene the medium to listen and explore the emotional context of the unknown. Since 2009, Jan Irene has participated in the artist collaborative Spark Project. During each 10-day project round, participants create new work using someone else’s art, writing, or music as inspiration. All resulting work is then displayed online, alongside the piece that inspired it. She finds the experience challenging and rewarding and is keen on the collaborative aspect. 

View examples of her artwork here.

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